Leading the Renewable Revolution
mapWorld Energy USA and its affiliates are developing the World Energy Center along with numerous other clean energy projects. The WEC team has developed more than 2,500 MW of power projects valued at approximately $10 billion. The company is currently in the RFP process to secure a 17,500 acre site to form the core Hub of the World Energy Center. The project is one of the largest solar developments in the U.S. consisting of approximately 1,500 Megawatts . The World Energy Center will be developed in several phases over the next 10-15 years at a cost of approximately $5.5 Billion.

The WEC will serve as an advanced research and business “Incubator” for emerging clean energy companies to test, demonstrate and commercialize new technologies. It will streamline applications, permitting and transmission to allow participants to immediately deploy both demonstration and large utility-scale development projects.. World Energy USA will develop sites in-house as well as parcel out improved sites to third party developers. Environmental/ecological features will include a biological preserve and training center.

The World Energy USA team has developed numerous mixed-use, energy and infrastructure projects. Prior power generation projects of the collaborative WEC Team include the 840 MW High Desert Power Project (2003 Power Plant of the Year as awarded by POWER Magazine), the Victorville 2 and Palmdale Hybrid Power Projects (PHPP) consisting of two 570 MW hybrid natural gas/solar projects. Prior solar projects include more than 200 Megawatts of solar photovoltaic (PV) projects, the country’s largest concentrated solar photovoltaic (CPV) project, 150 MW’s of solar thermal projects that are under construction, and the first solar thermal power project to deliver electricity to California's power grid in nearly 20 years.

World Energy Park
Job Training, Control, Visitor and Corporate CenterThe World Energy Center provides the scale to construct regional state-of-the-art Control Center and other and smart-grid and micro-grid facilities. Additional facilities will include manufacturing, assembly, distribution and maintenance operations along with leading green job training and educational programs. The facility will also provide a visitor and corporate center to attract and educate entrepreneurs and corporations worldwide.

Satellite & Future Projects

The World Energy Center will expand through satellite centers and outside development opportunities providing an integrated network of reliable low-cost clean energy projects. The WEC creates the critical mass for the first time to integrate hundreds of companies and technologies to advance and benefit from their collective activities.

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