Leading the Renewable Revolution
World Energy Center MapThe World Energy Center is “Technology Neutral” or agnostic and incorporates all of the latest and most advanced clean technologies and hybrid systems.

Today’s renewable energy development projects are typically small, inefficient and lack long-term integration and planning. The result is expensive renewable energy on a cost per Kilowatt Hour basis. In addition to lowering the cost of technology, some of the most difficult challenges in scaling up renewable energy projects are significant land acquisition, permitting, transmission and environmental obstacles. The World Energy Center, through its collaboration of many companies and projects, provides the scale, expertise and infrastructure to collectively solve the challenges facing the clean energy industry.

PV, Thin Film and Concentrated PV (CPV):  The WEC will continually incorporate the latest and most advanced Solar, Grid, and EPS (Electric Power Storage) technologies and hybrid systems. The WEC team includes some of the largest and most technologically accomplished organizations in renewable energy. Areva is the largest nuclear power developer in the world and is one of the largest thermal solar developers. Boeing and Lockheed Martin, are two of the largest most trusted contractors in the world. Elecnor is one of the largest and most accomplished PV and thermal solar development and operators in the world. SolFocus, Concentrix, Solar Power, Inc. and others are leading PV and CPV developers. All of these technologies will be deployed in utility scale configurations to produce and determine the best combinations and performances for full scale deployment in future phases.

Geothermal:  The World Energy Center is working with a leading geothermal company that has developed an advanced low-cost geothermal technology. A 1-MW demonstration project will be deployed in the World Energy Center or satellite site to provide low-cost base load renewable energy. The advanced technology allows improved geothermal heat generation or production without many of the geographic limitations of traditional systems.

Storage & Systems Integration:  The WEC is working with several storage and systems integration companies to determine their best application in the World Energy Center. Storage consists of advanced thermal, hydrogen, fuel cell and battery. Phase one will include the planning, infrastructure and testing of these technologies to deploy and integrate in future large-scale development projects.

The diversification and continued development and testing of new generation technologies across the entire clean energy spectrum provides the World Energy Center with a tremendous competitive and long-term cost advantage.

Phasing Plan Phasing: The site is being master-planned into three concurrent technology sections consisting of PV/Thin Film, Concentrated PV and Solar Thermal. The deployment of the solar facilities will be organized into phases within each section and developed in parallel with the grid, storage and site infrastructure. The first phase will consist of 250-500 Megawatts. In addition to the power generation and infrastructure, the Technology and Industrial Center will also be developed in phases. Technology, Manufacturing, and Assembly facilities will be first along with Testing and Demonstration sites of new generation technologies. The best performing new generation technologies will then be deployed in later phases in the World Energy Center and elsewhere.

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