Leading the Renewable Revolution
The World Energy Center is a Collaboration or Cooperative of numerous leading companies. World Energy USA, Inc. is the master development entity that manages and integrates the numerous companies and projects. The Center’s innovative structure combines the best of the U.S. government’s resources along with an innovative and fast moving entrepreneurial core. It also leverages the integrated relationships and economies of scale of the larger combined group of companies to capitalize upon and accelerate the many worldwide development, licensing, export and distribution opportunities.

Economies of Scale:  The master-planned approach of the World Energy Center realizes tremendous scale advantages and cost reductions in all areas including land acquisition, permitting, transmission, manufacturing, transportation, infrastructure, engineering, research, development, capital, legal, accounting, energy storage, management and maintenance. It is estimated that 10-50% across the board savings will be realized in all areas.

Incubator:  The World Energy Center will provide a much needed advanced research and business incubator for emerging clean energy companies to test, commercialize and export their new technologies. It will also integrate the latest Smart-grid technology along with advanced hydrogen generation and other storage systems to eventually provide 100% sustainable clean energy.

Growth and Satellite Expansion:  The World Energy Center will expand outside of its core or central hubs through satellite development projects in the clean energy corridor. The result will provide an integrated network of reliable low-cost clean energy projects. The World Energy Center will also expand through the development of other centers strategically located throughout the U.S. and internationally. These satellite centers will incorporate hundreds of entrepreneurial companies and integrated technologies to advance all of the latest systems to benefit the collective group. Discussions with several international partners are being held to form World Energy–Europe, World Energy–Canada and World Energy-China.
World Energy Chart
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