Leading the Renewable Revolution
The World Energy Center is a collaboration of numerous companies, partners and cities working together to lower the cost of clean energy and accelerate its worldwide commercialization. The Center’s master-planned comprehensive approach provides the expertise and scale to solve the challenges facing the clean energy industry. The World Energy Center will be an ideal commercialization partner for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), the nation’s leading renewable energy laboratory and Sandia National Laboratory. The Center will also collaborate with several leading universities and colleges to rapidly advance clean energy research, educational curriculums and job training programs.

The objectives of the World Energy Center include the following:

1. Dramatically reduce the cost and improve the reliability of clean energy.
2. Accelerate the deployment and commercialization of clean energy.
3. Provide an advanced research and industrial incubator for emerging technology companies.
4. Advance utility-scale smart-grid technology and storage systems to provide 100% sustainable clean energy.
5. Provide low-cost capital through a technology IPO and asset-based REIT.
6. Create long-term green energy jobs.

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