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World Energy USA, Inc. is the master development entity for the World Energy Center. The WEC consortium includes several of the world’s largest corporations, leading solar technology companies and the most experienced permitting and energy development team in California. World Energy USA is expert at mixed use master-planned development and aggregating companies to collaborate on projects. World Energy has worked over the past 3-years with the numerous team members in the creation, comprehensive planning, strategy, development and management of the World Energy Center and its numerous satellite projects.

The Center’s management team, its affiliates and partners can manage the entire turnkey process from the design and installation of its clean energy projects including the on-going maintenance and management for its partners and clients. The WEC management team has a deep and broad range of experience ranging from start-ups, to IPO’s and public companies. World Energy USA and its affiliates and partners are expert at facilitating all of the regulatory and permitting requirements of the CEC, local and state governments, along with the land acquisition/leasing, transmission, infrastructure, construction, and on-going management and maintenance of the clean energy power projects.

David D. Joseph, CEO
Mr. Joseph brings more than 25 years of mixed use development, investment and energy experience to World Energy Center. Mr. Joseph heads up the strategic planning, development and expansion activities for the World Energy Center. He developed the Center’s collaborative structure and the integrated research, deployment and commercialization plan. Mr. Joseph is the former CEO of Starpoint Solar where he gained extensive experience with PV, CPV and thermal solar technologies. He has worked with Inland Energy, a leading independent power project developer over the past 15 years. Mr. Joseph was the founder of Golf Trust of America; a $600 million publicly traded Real Estate Investment Trust, where took the company public through an IPO and subsequently grew it to become the third largest golf course company in the U.S. Mr. Joseph formerly served as CEO of the InVicta Companies and as a Senior Executive with Thoner and Birmingham Development, Northgate Forest Development and Capital Pacific Holdings. He has extensive investment, infrastructure and project development experience and has managed complex engineering projects. . Mr. Joseph has high-level corporate regulatory experience and is well versed in public company reporting, finance and investor relations.

Michael E. Reich, President and COO
Mr. Reich is responsible for the overall operations, procurement and management of the World Energy Center. Mr. Reich serves as the chief governmental liaison for World Energy USA, conducting high-level negotiations with the DOE, DOD and World Energy’s international partners. In addition, he is the principal contact for satellite projects and WEC government grants and loans. Mr. Reich is the former President of Starpoint Solar and has broad experience in solar and other renewable energy systems. Prior to Starpoint Solar, he was a 13-year Senior Operations Executive with FedEx responsible for full P&L responsibility of 3 major regional operations with $250-$500 million annual expense budgets. Mr. Reich ranked in the top 5% of FedEx managers for 13 years in a row, Mr. Reich directed over 1850 employees, oversaw facility and vehicle process engineering, cost control, quality, logistics, safety, productivity, performance and profit. In addition to his corporate experience, Mr. Reich also has extensive involvement in Real Estate development, construction and advanced employee training teams.

Scott C. Newton, CTO
Mr. Newton is responsible for the overall research, design, and development of emerging technologies for the World Energy Center. Mr. Newton has more than 20 years of experience in applied Power Generation, Nuclear Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology development. Prior to the World Energy Center, Mr. Newton was President of Apex IT and provided services to energy companies such as Anadarko Petroleum, EPRI, American Electric Power and Southern Company. Prior to Apex IT, Mr. Newton was credited with significant advances in automated guidance and other technologies while performing classified research and development for Texas Instruments' Defense Systems & Electronics Group.

Douglas K. Shannon, CFO
Mr. Shannon is the Chief Financial Officer of World Energy USA, Inc., where he brings a wealth of experience in project development, finance and administration to the Company. Mr. Shannon has previously worked for twenty-five years as a senior executive in banking and venture capital and has worked extensively with Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT’s), IPO’s and public companies.

James R. Hoppenrath, VP New Business Development
Mr. Hoppenrath is responsible for new business and partnership development, directing land acquisitions and permitting for future projects, including securing land leases with the Federal Bureau of Land Management and various Indian Tribes. Mr. Hoppenrath has a wealth of experience in project development, acquisitions and public company operations. Mr. Hoppenrath has a broad business background ranging from start-up companies to IPO’s to public corporations. He was an original founder of Golf Trust of America, a publicly traded Real Estate Investment Trust where he was Vice President of New Business Development and Acquisitions where he was responsible for closing more than $300 million in golf and land acquisitions. Mr. Hoppenrath is a mechanical engineer and has previously as an engineer with Ingersoll-Rand and Relining Technologies. He has also held executive positions with other companies including Capital Pacific Holdings.

Inland Energy – Affiliate:  Inland Energy facilitates most of the permitting, transmission, environmental, municipal, CEC and other regulatory requirements associated with the World Energy Center and its numerous projects. Inland Energy has permitted approximately 2,000 Megawatts of Power Projects in the High Desert of Southern California. The Company has more than 15 years of experience with power plant development projects. Inland Energy is led by its President, Wm. Buck Johns. Mr. Johns founded the High Desert Power Project and subsequently partnered with Baltimore Gas and Electric (later Constellation), to develop the 880 MW Project in Victorville. The California Department of Water Resources signed a 10 year PPA or contract for the plant’s electricity output for $3.6 billion. Tom Barnett is Inland Energy’s Executive Vice President. Previously he worked for years with Constellation Energy Group, where he served as a Vice-President in charge of power plant development in the Western U.S. Mr. Barnett has been in the power plant development field for more than 25 years and has developed projects in a dozen different states. Michael Gilmore is Inland’s Chief Development and Information Officer and heads up Company’s due diligence and new business development efforts.


Consortium: World Energy Center consists of a world-class consortium of more than 30 companies, cities, colleges, participants, partners and affiliates. The collaborative team, assembled and managed by World Energy USA, collectively employs more than 1,000,000 people and generates annual revenues in excess of $250 billion.
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