Leading the Renewable Revolution
The World Energy Center collaborative team consists of some of the world’s leading companies and capital groups. . The WEC is continually expanding its capital base and raise funds from a variety of sources including strategic partners, private equity, government grants, venture capital, hedge funds, EB5 programs and other sources. A potential future IPO for the World Energy Center will integrate and leverage several of the world’s best clean energy companies into one large U.S. based renewable consortium, provide the foundation for the commercialization of new technologies and low cost capital for the Center’s future growth and worldwide expansion.

Tax Equity: Critical to any renewable energy project financing is Tax Equity, or the monetizing of tax credits and accelerated depreciation benefits to create an economically viable project. Boston Capital, the largest tax equity firm in the U.S., is the World Energy Center’s its tax equity partner and facilitator.

Equity: The World Energy Center team includes some of the foremost solar and energy project development companies in the world. All of the WEC companies have equity capacity along with relationships with numerous equity groups and lending institutions. Several members of the WEC team could individually or collectively finance the World Energy Center projects. Elecnor, for example, is one of the largest international solar development companies in the world. Elecnor has financed or participated in the financing of over $1 Billion in solar projects. They employ over 8,000 people and generate approximately $2.4 Billion in revenues per year. The WEC collaborative team also includes some of the largest and most financially sound corporations in the world. Entities like Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Areva and Alstom, all have long-term relationships with capital partners around the world who may participate in the World Energy Center.

Grants & Contracts: Participate and benefit from numerous U.S. Government Grants and Contracts to lower costs, improve technology and generate cash flow. Below are the two groups used in DC to execute this Grant and Contract strategy.

Hales Global Group: (www.HalesGlobal.com) identifies, develops, and executes strategic business development opportunities for clients using a wide variety of innovative communication tools. We have been providing business development and other services to the Government contracting community since 1975. We help our clients focus on the right agencies, programs, contracts and teaming partners where their solutions have the best fit for a contract.

Manchester Associates: (www.Manchester-Group.com) Our team brings significant government relations and expertise to the negotiating table. Our experience working on Capitol Hill and federal agencies in senior positions provides us with a unique point of view to customize our lobbying efforts to best deliver solutions that work.
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